Accelerating the energy transition
Our Vision

Spatial intelligence at your fingertips.

At Blumen, we’re building software to power the American energy transition.

For far too long, regulatory and permitting analysis has been intractable - siloed from subsurface, geographic, logistical, and technical data. Not any more. We've built a system that pulls together disparate geospatial data and regulatory code and ties them together with the power of AI.

We serve linear infrastructure, decarbonization, drilling, and renewables.
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Site planning

Explore site data at scale.

No more broken government sites or endless back and forth with GIS teams. We do large scale geospatial analytics like you've never seen before across the subsurface and surface.

Looking for sites with low environmental risk, access to leasable water rights, within 5 miles of a federal right-of-way, and without existing O&G wells?

No problem. We’ve got you covered, plus a whole lot more.
Project Diligence

Identify tail risks through deep diligence.

Drill down into the details of any location you might like to consider for development across a range of topics from land use to planning and land access to environmental risks and attributes, existing well and discharge permits and much, much more.

If we don’t already support a set of information you’re looking for, reach out and we’ll work together to see what we can build for you.
Regulatory AI

Understand regulatory risk and permits.

We keep it simple. All of the regulatory documents in your project area easily searchable and all in one place, automatically.

Our system accounts for your project scope, site-level geographic, environmental, and infrastructure data, and local  regulatory codes to rapidly accelerate development.
Supercharge your development with the power of data.
We believe in equipping energy developers, engineering and construction firms, and hard asset investors with cutting-edge data and research tools to accelerate development.
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