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Blumen is a one stop software for industrial and renewable project development. Generate a full project plan from just a KMZ file and a scope of work. Anywhere in the US.

Blumen does the heavy lifting on data and automation so you can do the heavy lifting on pylons and pipe.

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Permitting Matrices

Generate automated permit intelligence and matrices down to the local level

We analyze federal, state, county, and municipal level regulations, codes, and ordinances with a proprietary analysis system. Our system checks these codes against your project area, underlying site data, and all of your project documents to generate a highly custom permit matrix.

As a subscriber, you can run analysis across a single project, a data room of assets for an M&A process, or your entire portfolio for ongoing compliance checks at the click of a button.
optimized Site layouts

Create rapid, setback compliant site design for complex projects

Blumen integrates our proprietary state, county, and local ordinance and setback data with a custom site layout design tool to optimize siting turbines, arrays, generation tie lines, and O&M facilities.

Come to the Blumen platform with your kmz/l files for prospective, active, or in-development assets and orient site layout around regulatory boundaries, proximity to your proprietary POIs, and construction or engineering constraints in minutes.
automated regulatory Studies

Save time, money, and risk with ML powered regulatory studies

Our systems don't stop at telling you what hurdles you need to cross to get your projects built. Using past regulatory filings and geophysical data, Blumen lets you avoid costly studies, unnecessary permits, and optimize site layout throughout development and construction.

What's more? You can project manage development materials for submission and development checklists inside of Blumen all the way to COD.
Supercharge your development with the power of automation.
We believe in equipping energy developers, engineering and construction firms, and hard asset investors with cutting-edge data management and automation tools to accelerate development.
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